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The one iPhone feature every father should know about


In the span of a few short years, I have gone from a single (and broke) college student, to married with two beautiful children. I cannot begin to tell you how these new roles have totally redefined my purpose in life.

Of course, no transition is entirely seamless. There have been bumps in the road, mistakes made, and lessons learned.

One of the toughest lessons was unpluging from the digital wrelm. My wife would eagerly await our evening together, only to spend it watching me constantly checking my phone. Here was this lifeless electornic device, effortlessly taking her husband away from the moments that made up our day to day lives. She had every right to be upset.

Believe me. She was.

Despite expressiong her frustration, I just didn’t see it. Not until our son was born and grew old enough to yern for my undivided attention to play. It took an evening of him whining to me to play to realize that I was allowing a silly device to take me away from my son. He didn’t know what I was doing. He just had the innocent yerning to play. And, I was the one letting something so insignificant to rob us of those memories. One evening, he was reduced to tears.

It was a humbling experience. I was failing him as a father. Something had to change.

Enter “Do Not Disturb”, a feature that Apple added to iOS devices a few years ago. Depsite being an avid fan of Apple and their products, I knew little about the feature — until I began playing with it. Tunrs out, ‘Do Not Disturb’, when activated, will completely silence your phone from any and all notifcaitons, alerts, and buzzes. This was exactly what I needed! No more feeling a buzz and mindlessly pulling the phone out.

Better yet, you can schedule when the feature activates and de-activates. Currently, my phone is set to go to “Do Not Disturb” between 7:00pm and 9:00am the following morning.

A feature that is an afterthought to many, has been a life changer for me, my family, and how I connect with them. You can learn more about this feature and how to use it here.

How do you unplug? When you need to focus on family and real-life relationships, how do you cut yourself off from the digital wrelm? Share any tips, apps, or insights in the comments below.

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