Who’s With Me?

I have a confession to make.

I am not normal.

I build websites for a living. I love photography. I am a husband to a beautiful woman. A father to an amazing son.

There are a lot of things that I am. Normal is not one of them.

And, no, it is not because I am a dwarf, standing at a whopping 4 feet, 6 inches tall. (Okay, so I am really 4’5”, but 6 sounds way better, doesn’t it?)

It is not because of the 20+ surgical procedures I have endured, or the few brushes with death throughout my lifetime.

None of that.

It’s simple, really. I chose not to be.

As a teenager, I realized that I could live my life one of two ways. View myself as the victim of circumstance, become bitter about the hand I was dealt. I could have sat back, waiting for the world to give me what I deserve. I could simply live life, settling for the ‘normal’ expectations of one who lives with disabilities.

Or, I could push back with unwavering faith that my condition and life experiences were all for a reason, and strive to live life to the fullest. Settle for nothing, pursue everything with intention and purpose. Despite the obstacles I’ve faced.

I chose the latter.

There is a single verse in the Bible that best spells out where my faith and motivation comes from:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. – Phillipians 4:13 (NASB)

Notice it doesn’t say some, it says *all*.

Plain and simple.

If I can do this. You can, too.

Who’s with me?

Published by Kris Hammons

My name is Kris Hammons. I have overcome challenges to become a husband, father, an award-winning web designer, writer, and motivational speaker. This is my peronsal blog. Here, I write about positive living, producitivty, and inspirational leadership.