Your Labor Matters

Most of us think of Labor Day as the annual holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer. By now, most of kids are back in school, and the swimming gear has been put away for yet another year.

Far too often, we lose sight of what Labor Day is all about. History teaches us that Labor Day was established to recognize the social and economic achievements of the American labor force.

Today is about more than a day off from work, cookouts, or family gatherings. Those are all great things. But, be sure to take time to think about the meaning of work and how it has shaped our society. Despite the dramatic ways our economy has shifted over the years, the fact remains that nothing beats good, old-fashioned, hard work. Work is what has brought our society where we are today, and will be the driving force pushing us forward.

You might think that because you’re not an engineer, doctor, or a well-paid executive, that your work does not matter. You are wrong. No matter what you do, you are an important piece to your organizaton’s puzzle. My wife doesn’t even have a full-time job, yet her role as housewife is invaluable to the success of our family. We literally could not function without her and what she does.

So, stop kidding yourself, and realize just how much your work really does matter. Embrace the work that God has blessed you with, and understand that you and your work fill an important role in your orginization, and ultimately, your community.

Published by Kris Hammons

My name is Kris Hammons. I have overcome challenges to become a husband, father, an award-winning web designer, writer, and motivational speaker. This is my peronsal blog. Here, I write about positive living, producitivty, and inspirational leadership.